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Your marriage day is a special day, that should be enjoyed without interferences. Our wedding photographic services are different from each other, because weddings are different, peoples and venues are different, and the way of living emotions is different.

A wedding in Venice Italy is a unique event in the life.
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Mirco Toffolo has a long experience in wedding and reportage photography. Many wedding planners offer package that include also a photographer. Be sure to choose a seasoned professional.
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Having actual experience and local knowledge is paramount when working in such a complicated and logistical city such as Venice. Mirco Toffolo has worked with many of the top venice wedding planners and hotels in order to give brides and grooms the very best marriage memories and experience possible.

If you have ever been to Venice you will appreciate that success of a Wedding shoot in Venice very much depends on good planning, in advance and understanding the unique logistics, environment, culture, legalities in such an amazing city...

Besides shooting in most outdoor wedding locations in Venice we have photographed weddings in popular Luxury Hotels such as the Hotel Danieli, Hotel Cipriani, and the Luxury Resort San Clemente Palace Hotel to name a just a few…

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