Mirco Toffolo Rossit - Photographer

Photographic Wedding reportage in Venice

Your wedding will be special- a whole day of emotional, romantic, fun and memorable moments, shared with the people you love. Choose a photographer who will capture those memories forever, giving you beautiful, natural images to treasure. It is impossible to overstress how important your wedding photographer is. Memories can fade, but a wedding picture lasts a lifetime. You want your wedding pictures to capture every glorious moment and freeze every wonderful emotion of your special day and to help you relive those same feelings years, even decades later. If your wedding is to be held in Italy, then you will want your wedding photographer not only to be Italian, but to have experience in taking wedding photographs in the location where your ceremony is being held. A good wedding photographer knows where all the sweetest spots are for memory-making photographs. He or she will take you to different nearby locations in order to capture the true essence of the time and the place and the wonderful romance of your wedding day. And when it comes to breathtaking and recognizable backgrounds for your wedding photos, no country can top Italy.

Our Professional Wedding Photographers are some of the best photographers in the Region end they will be one of the most important members of the wedding party, as it is their job to make sure that the day will be remembered forever, ensuring that every moment of your wedding day is captured so you will have an enduring set of beautiful images. Our Photographer will follow you from the Hotel to the Church, from the Church to your selected itinerary through the city to the Restaurant, taking pictures in the gardens or in the more suggestive locations you have previous indicated.

Mirco Toffolo will follow you during the wedding day producing more than 300 shots: he will suggest the best frameworks for your wedding pictures, leading you through the little ways and squares of the old and romantic Venice. We can say that his way to invent the photography is also the point that makes the difference in comparison with the other professional photographers in Venice

He is very appreciated also abroad and sometimes you can see his works shown also in some good level photo-shops in London, Wien and in other European localities. His service do not end with the wedding day, but you can choose between his photographic artworks the most enchanting remakes and digital elaborations of the most representative shots taken during your marriage.