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Choosing to get married with Mirco Toffolo is the best way to celebrate your wedding in Venice

Choosing to get married in Venice is the most romantic way to celebrate love. From its fabulous setting and architecture to its rich history, art and music, Venice spells romance.

You've seen it in films and photos, but the experience of actually being here yourself will exceed your imagination. For example, the quiet island city of Venice with its boats, will take you far away from the rush and noise of modern city life and surround you with the timeless elegance and beauty of another age.

Its intimate atmosphere, tiny bridges and piazzas, along with the Venetian celebration of love in song, makes this the perfect place to kindle the flame of love and commitment.

For your wedding in Venice we get you the best and most carefully picked locations for ceremonies and receptions: civil weddings, religious weddings, symbolic ceremonies and vows renewals in the magical settings only Venice can offer...

You can celebrate your dream wedding within the splendid setting of Palazzo Cavalli, an historical palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal, or Sala degli Stucchi - Ca' Farsetti, near Rialto Bridge.

Our location enables us to offer you all kinds of venues of wedding for receptions, elopements, large banquets and guest accommodations. There are a variety of splendid European locations, where Renaissance villas and castles are available to rent.
We also make arrangements for traditional bridal ceremonies including civil marriages, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or Jewish ceremonies.

Venice is the place where lovers through the ages have embraced, the natural backdrop for passionate and romantic intrigues. Perhaps it's the heavenly landscape, the artistic riches or the sea air—but something about Venice makes the heart beat faster. Venice is famous worldwide, for being one of the most beutiful cities, not only for its peculiar sturcture and the the art it treasures, but also for being the most romantic city in the word.
Churces, paces, histric hotels, alleys, small squares and the famous San Marco Square ... all of them turn Venice into the ideal venue for celebrating your marriage.

Because every marriage is unique, there is no one right or best time for reaffirming your vows.

Some call this ceremony a "recommitment of Love" ceremony or a "reaffirmation of Love" ceremony but whatever you choose to call it, it is a most meaningful event, for you, your children, family and close friends

And because of being unique, only those professionals, who work and know Venice from within, can assess you and organize such an important event at its best.

So, if you are looking for a special marriage in Venice contact us!!

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